Metal Garages & Steel Garage Buildings

Metal Garages & Steel Garage Buildings

If you are wondering where the best builders of metal garages are or are considering adding a steel garage to your property, you have come to the right place. We have a wide variety of steel buildings/garages to choose from. Coast to Coast Carports builds high quality metal garage buildings and have highly satisfied customers all over the country. We can provide metal garages to all 48 states in the continental U.S.

We offer all sizes of garages, up to 100' wide clear span and as long as you need. We have several models and 12 different colors to choose from including barn style roofs and boxed eve roofs. Our standard models have metal sheets running horizontal. However, be sure to ask about vertical sheets. Call us today to find out what can do for you!

A single car metal garage is ideal to keep a prized automobile, motorcycle, or lawn mowers in. Different door sizes and positions are available. Windows are also available. This fully enclosed steel garage or shed will keep out the rain, snow, and unwanted guests. Coast to Coast can build your garage on any level foundation you provide. This simple building will serve you and your belongings for years to come. Contact our sales department about the singe car garage for sale that interests you.

A two car metal garage or shed will allow space for him and her to safely park their vehicles indoors, or give space for a boat and the truck that pulls it.  With two doors that are 6-12 feet wide, a steel two car garage can make space for almost any vehicle or work space. Contact our sales department about the garage for sale that interests you.

Triple wide garages make a safe place for all your investments. This king sized steel garage will give you a lockable weather resistant place to park your favorite toys and vehicles. With 6 to 12 foot wide garage doors, windows, and man walk-in doors, a triple wide metal garage from Coast to Coast Carports Inc. will serve you well without breaking the bank. Our cheap metal buildings and car sheds are affordable, but they also retain superior quality. Contact our sales department about the triple wide garage that interests you.

With the capability to build your metal garage as tall as 12 feet, 16 feet, 20 feet, or higher, Coast to Coast Carports, Inc. can build the building you need for your RV or big truck. Our unique design allows you to customize the size of your steel RV garage and keep it cheap. Call our direct sales department for a free quote on the garage for sale that you want at 1-866-681-7846 or click here.

Some states and cities require building certification. Coast to Coast supplies certified metal garages to better serve everyone everywhere. A certified garage has extra corner braces, snow braces, anchoring, and sometimes stronger steel or more legs/bows, allowing for certification for up to 90lbs per sq ft of snow and 90 mph winds. These building are stronger and last longer than the less expensive non-certified buildings. Both, certified and non-certified buildings are offered in all areas, so it is the customer's responsibility to determine if they need a certified building or not. We always recommend certified buildings over non-certified. Contact our sales team about the certified steel garage that interests you.

Prefab Garages (Prefabricated Garage buildings)

It is a common misconception that prefab only applies to completed or nearly completed structures…such as a mobile home. Prefab would also apply to a garage which has pre-manufactured parts to allow for quick assembly on the building site. According to World English Dictionary, prefabricate: to manufacture sections of (a building), especially in a factory,so that they can be easily transported to and rapidly assembled on a building site. Coast to Coast Carports, Inc. are Steel Building Manufacturers themselves and build all the parts to our prefab garage kits ourselves.

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