Metal Buildings For Sale

Metal Buildings For Sale

Steel Buildings for Sale

This is definately where you should be if you are looking for most any kind of steel buildings for sale. Nearly every major type of metal building on the market can be made by us. Our steel buildings for sale range from small single-wide carports to agricultural riding arenas and industrial clear span warehouses. And of course, if you can imagine it, we can build it because we also build custom orders. Maybe you are just looking to purchase a small storage shed for the corner of your backyard - no problem. Or, maybe you need a large industrial warehouse built for your growing operation. Whatever the case may be, when it comes to a need for a metal building, we can build it. Our buildings can be installed in a timely manner and really give an answer to almost any and every building & storage need.

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Coast to Coast Carports Inc. can build virtually any kind of building out of metal. From utility carports to aircraft hangers, we have you covered.

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Steel Carports / Carport Structures

Steel Carports / Carport Structures

Storage Combinations

Our steel carports come in many shapes and sizes. We have carport structures that are quick to assemble and install. This is a great solution if you are needing a place to park a vehicle that duels with storage space. Maybe you have recently moved into a new home but don't have a garage or storage shed. We've got youcovered. Or, maybe you just need a little additional space around your home and/or business. Whatever the need may be, and whenever it arises we can provide steel carports to fit your needs.


If you want a steel carport and metal storage building in one, this is your option. Our combo carports give the best of two worlds. carport-storage

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Metal Storage Building

Metal Storage Building

Whether you need metal storage building for your personal property for your belongings or you are in the storage business, we have solutions. We can provide you with metal storage shed that will fit in a small corner of your yard. If you are in the storage unit business, we can provide you with multi-unit rental storage buildings of almost any size.

Everyone likes to keep personal treasures. Coast to Coast Carports Inc. can help you store your own with one of these small shed, or make an extra income by helping others store their's in one of our steel, mulit-unitstorage rental.

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The need for metal storage buildings continues to rise. There are many reasons for this. As the wealth of the nation has increased, as did our need for space to store our goods. Consumer goods cost less than they did a few decades ago which also contributes to the need for more storage space to store goods & America just happens to be the largest consumer good purchasing nation. Americans tend to move fairly frequently thus adding to the need for self storage space. The rise in divorce rates over the past few decades has also kept more people in a tradition phase needing places to store their belongings between moves. Even though the square footage in the average house has increased, the way many homes are built today actually decreases the available space for storage. Basements and attics are not as common of home features as they once used to be. Some areas home owners may find they have restrictions not allowing parking for boats, RVs, etc. so they turn to the applicable storage facility. Self storage has become the place for what we can't live with but can't live without.

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Agricultural Buildings

Agricultural Buildings

Finding an affordable building to help your farm or ranch grow is a goal we hope to assist you with. Coast to Coast can build most agricultural buildings. We build our buildings our of galvanized steel and metal, making termite and rot problems a thing of the past.

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Metal Shops - Commercial/Industrial

Metal Shops - Commercial/Industrial

If you need to expand you storage space for your growing operation with a clear span warehouse, we have you covered there too. We can build these with or without insulation, windows, lighting, etc. You can also choose from regular or roll up doors to fit your needs.

Metal Shop Buildings

Our metal shop buildings can be built to accommodate an expanding business at any stage of growth. Maybe you have a growing mechanic business or a metal shop with 10 employees & not enough room to accommodate. We can build your new workshop for your commercial space.

Cheap Metal Buildings

If your business needs to grow in a physical way, Coast to Coast Carports can help. We build steel buildings as wide as 100' and infinitely long. If you need space for your commercial or industrial business, give us a call.

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If you have a building in mind that does not fit into or is a variation of one of our other catagories, don't worry, we can still help you. Because we manufacture our parts and buildings ourselves, we are able to create custom designs at a great price. We can make buildings like custom well houses, gazebos, metal house frames, multi-story office buildings, aricraft hangers; Coast to Coast can help you with any of your steel building needs. Contact our sales department about a custom metal building you have in mind.

Insulated Buildings are now available from Coast to Coast Carports. 

Make your building a better investment and or comfortable by adding insulation at a low cost and excellent quality. Our Foil-foam-foil insulation can do just that.

Some states and cities require building certification. Coast to Coast supplies certified metal buildings to better serve everyone everywhere. We can certify most building we make. A certified building has extra corner braces, snow braces, anchoring, and sometimes stronger steel or more legs/bows, allowing for certification for up to 90lbs per sq ft of snow and 90 mph winds. These building are stronger and last longer than the less expensive non-certified buildings.

Here at Coast To Coast Carports, Inc. we specialize in giving farmers the highest quality of barns, and other agricultural buildings. We have numerous steel building kits to choose from. These barns come in many different styles and sizes so that you can pick the one that best fulfills your needs. We also allow you to customize your building as much or as little as you would like. The reason why Coast To Coast has become such a well-known name, and our steel barns are in such high demand, is because our customers know that we only produce steel buildings that will last for decades, and give their livestock the very best protection. Our steel building plans include everything from traditional styled barns tool sheds. When you get a building from Coast To Coast, we will work carefully with you to make sure we provide exactly what you need. You can customize everything from the dimensions to the color of the siding.

Choose the kit that is right for you

Along with having a great selection of building plans, we offer a large variety of other finely built steel buildings that include carports, garages, sheds, and homes. With just one phone call you can start the process of receiving your own barn today. You have nothing to lose by checking out everything that we have to offer, and we will even give you a free quote. No other company is as committed to providing for the needs of their customers as we are.

Steel Barn Kit

Keep Your Machinery and Equipment Out of the Weather with a steel building kit. Protection is one of the most important things when it comes to your farm. You have insurance for your vehicles, buildings, and even your crops, but how are you protecting your equipment or crops after they have been used or harvested? It seems every year a hay stack goes up in flames or grain gets rained on before it can be safely transported. You can buy metal barn kits and hope to get them built yourself before the inclement weather comes, or you can go with the pros at Coast to Coast and get your brand new steel building. After your order and everything goes through, the installation can take as little as an hour! Imagine having a brand new and specific place to store your next harvest away from your farm equipment and vehicles. Not only will your harvest be protected from rain or snow, but from any kind of damage that being close to your other equipment might cause.

Steel Frame Buildings

Coast to Coast Carports has an excellent line of custom steel frame buildings available. We have been building high quality metal buildings for many years now and we are extremely confident in our construction technologies and methodologies. In fact, we are so certain of the excellence of our buildings, we offer a line of certified and warranted custom steel frame barns. We want to make sure that your structure will hold up to circumstances of all types.

There are so many wonderful aspects involved with creating a custom American steel building from Coast to Coast Carports. We have the finest line of low maintenance metal buildings on the market. Each of our structures is built with an absolute commitment to excellence and value and are premanufactured in our facilities right here in the states. Our disciplined building techniques help us to ensure that we are always delivering our customers with high quality metal buildings. Our innovative and up-to-date building designs help in guaranteeing that the look of your new structure will be stunning and magnificent. After all, customer satisfaction is our biggest priority.

Dedicated To The Best American Steel Frame Buildings

Coast to Coast is always working hard to enhance technologies and develop new products that will simply make life easier. From improving window designs to using more environmentally friendly production methods, we stop at nothing in an effort to make certain that we are always improving. Our ground-breaking ideas aid in making sure that our metal barns are affordable, reliable, and long-lasting. An American steel frame barn from Coast to Coast can be tailored to suit you. Buildings can be designed to include features such as insulation, doors, anchors, trim, gable ends, or even extra panels. Whatever you need, we want to make sure that your new metal building is built to serve you.

Coast to Coast has grown to become one of the nation’s most trusted steel building experts. Over the years, we have built thousands and thousands of metal buildings; giving us unparalleled building experience. You can be certain that anAmerican steel frame barn from Coast to Coast will be constructed using the most superior of craftsmanship. Our market know-how and dependability stand as a huge benefit throughout the entire steel building transaction process. It all begins with our skillful ability to create or find the finest of materials for our products. We have amazing relationships with multiple suppliers which allow us to negotiate some of the lowest prices in the industry. Our efforts continue with a lengthy history of genius building designs and solid steel construction methods. The process ends with our customers receiving a premium metal building at the best possible price.

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