Metal Barns | Metal Horse Barns

Metal Barns | Metal Horse Barns

Barn raising is an old American tradition. Let Coast to Coast raise a barn for you. A metal barn is a great option for a farmer in need of a building. Coast to Coast Carports inc offers these durable steel counterparts to the traditional wood barns. Unlike the wooden counterpart, our metal barns require less maintenance and come pre-painted. Barns come standard with the sides enclosed and only the larger middle open. Roll up and walk in doors are available, along with windows and additional openings.

Benefits of Metal Barns

The benefits of owning a metal barn are endless. You won't have to worry about termites & rot deteriorating the wood, or climbing high up on ladders to paint/stain the exterior year after year to protect it from the elements. You can enjoy all the benefits and convenience of your barn (whether it's for livestock shelter or equipment storage) without all the headaches.

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Pole Barns

Pole Barns

Steel Pole Barns

What are you looking for in a barn? The ideal farm building is both sturdy and efficient. Farmers depend on their buildings to protect their valuable livestock from possible hazards such as storms, wild animals, and theft. Coast To Coast Carports, Inc. are not just famous for are metal carports, and garages, we also deliver top quality steel pole barns that farmers all over the country are using. All of our pole barns are only made with the highest quality of American made steel. Having a metal barn will give you a higher level of confidence, because compared to wood, and other building materials; steel gives much more protection.

One Of Our Steel Pole Barns Is Sure To Interest You
We have an enormous selection of steel pole barns that you can choose from. If one of our current styles doesn’t fit your needs, though, we encourage you to let us know your exact specifications and we will build your own custom-made barn. Our customers love buying buildings from us, because they know that they are free to customize everything from the size to the color of theirsteel pole barn building. If at any later time, after your building is installed on your property, you decide you want a different door, or an extra window, you are free to contact us and we will do everything we can to make sure that you are satisfied. quote.

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A steel A-Frame roof barn is a stronger and sharper style than its counterparts. This roof style allows for a vertical roof witch allows water and snow to run off the sides with the angle of the roof, whereas the standard horizontal roofs catch the rain and snow and only allow them to run off the ends at no angle. Extra braces are also required for a vertical roof, adding more support. Vertical sides are also an option. Metal A-frame horse barns are our most popular barns. Contact our sales department about the metal building that interests you.

The steel regular style barns have a more traditional look. Larger pitches are available. A larger pitched roof allows for a more round roof and more attic space.  This regular style is less expensive than the A-Frame, but does not have the option for a vertical roof. Contact our sales department about the metal barn that interests you.

Do you need a horse barn to match your surrounding strait roof buildings? A steel straight roof barn has the same interior build as the other metal barns. This option gives you one large metal roof, rather than three smaller ones. If you don't what the barn look, but need a barn, then this is the route to go. Contact our sales department about the metal building that interests you.

Some states and cities require building certification. Coast to Coast supplies certified metal barns to better serve everyone everywhere. A certified barn has extra corner braces, snow braces, anchoring, and sometimes stronger steel or more legs/bows, allowing for certification for up to 90lbs per sq ft of snow and 90 mph winds. These building are stronger and last longer than the less expensive non-certified buildings. Both, certified and non-certified buildings are offered in all areas, so it is the customer's responsibility to determine if they need a certified building or not. We always recommend certified buildings over non-certified. Contact our sales team about the certified steel barn for sale that interests you.

Prefab Barns (Prefabricated Barn & Livestock Buildings)

Our prefab barns have pre-manufactured parts that allow for quick assembly. A fully constructed barn would be nearly impossible to haul to its final destination and would not be cost effective to transport this way. With the advancements in technology, pre-manufactured parts used to build metal barns allow for an efficient, quick "kit assembly" and transport.

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