Vernal Steel Buildings: Combining The Glory Of The Old West With The Perfect Storage Alternatives

Located approximately thirty miles west of the Colorado border, Vernal, Utah is small town of 9089 – at last count in the 2010 census. Do not let its small size fool you, as it has big ties to the Old West, which provides a boost in their tourism industry. In addition to the nostalgia of corralling times, Vernal also touts a large dinosaur fossil site, which keeps visitors coming back for more in the realm of archaeology.

Vernal has the wildly popular US Highway 40 strolling through its city, but no railway, which makes it the only city of its size that can claim the distinction. Its economy relies heavily on natural resource extraction, including mining for petroleum, phosphate, natural gas and Gilsonite, which makes Vernal steel buildings a popular solution for storage needs in the small town.

Situated in the northeastern part of Utah, Vernal is subjected to the colder climate the state has to offer, with an average high temperature of 61 degrees, and low of 29 degrees, creating an overall annual average of 45 degrees. This weather is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, providing comfortable conditions for fishing – both regular and fly – hunting, climbing and hiking. Vernal metal buildings provide individuals with these active interests with a designated area for boat and equipment storage, outside of the home. Additional benefits of American Steel Buildings in Vernal include:
• Car, Truck & RV Storage
• Boat & Fishing Equipment Storage
• Mining Tool & Machinery Storage
• Fish & Game Cleaning Stations
• Climbing & Hiking Gear Storage
• Yard & Garden Equipment Storage
• Motorcycle & ATV Garage
• Asset Protection from Theft, Damage or Vandalism
• Additional Entertainment Space Outside of the Home

Vernal carports are an excellent addition to homes at well, allowing vehicles to be parked in a protective area, without impeding the owner’s access to the car or truck. Vernal carports are also great for second vehicles that are not often used, allowing them to stay covered year around, lessening washing and maintenance necessities. Vernal steel buildings can be customized to fit your property, or you can simply entertain pole barn kits that come in standard sizes, allowing you to erect them yourself to lower expenditures. Imagine your yard being clutter free, while all of the kids’ bicycles and toys are contained within one designated space. You can also entertain family and friends without interfering with the condition of your Vernal home, making US steel buildings a great addition to any property. See our Metal Building promotions for Utah

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