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Protecting Bountiful Resources With Texas Steel Buildings

The Lone Star state, as Texas is affectionately known, is the largest state in the contiguous United States, with only Alaska beating her out in actual land mass. It is the second most populous state behind California, and is home to three of the top ten largest cities in the United States. Texas joined The Union in 1845, sparking the Mexican-American War that followed in 1846 solidifying its need for annexation, and opening the gates to the west for good.

The sheer mass of the state contributes to its diverse climatic, soil and ecological regions. From north to south, grasslands, prairies, forests and coastline is inhabited beautifully, with the east to west terrain measuring mostly in swamps, woods, rugged hills and rolling plains, with around ten percent of the overall landscape being desert.

Of all the states, Texas maintains the title for the most farms, with the highest acreage in the nation. Leading the other states in livestock production, cattle is designated as their most valuable agricultural product, with sheep and goats a close second in the same category. Cotton, cereal crops, and produce are also Texan agriculture specialties.

This massive state has petroleum deposits of approximately five billion barrels, accounting for a quarter of the US reserve in the category. Its mineral resources combine to create some of the leading exports in the nation in lime, salt, sand, gravel and crushed stone.

With her fifteen major rivers, 3700 named streams, and a vast portion of coastline located on the Gulf of Mexico, Texas has an immense fishing industry, which combines with its other resources to create a gross state product of over $1.2 trillion annually.

The massive landscape and variety of industries combine to create a grand need for Texas metal buildings, providing storage capability for animal feed, straw, hay, farming equipment, and manufacturing supplies. In addition, Texas carports can play a key role in storing tractors and other vehicles that require quick access when manning the land and animals day-to-day.

The distance between the north and south of the state creates gaping differences in weather conditions, with the north located directly in Tornado Alley, enduring excessive storms, rainfall and natural destruction, and the south falling victim to hurricanes that can cause an equal amount of devastation. Texas steel buildings provide cover and security to boats, recreational vehicles, equipment and personal belongings from the treacherous weather conditions year around. Whether attempting to keep a car from incurring sun damage with the use of Texas carports or to protect the incredible investment of running a farm, maintenance free Texas steel buildings help protect people, animals and property with pole barn construction in Texas that is far superior to its wooden counterparts. Other benefits include:

• Animal Feed Protection from Inclement Weather & Scavengers
• Agricultural Equipment Protection from the Elements, Damage & Theft
• Designated Fish, Game and Slaughter Cleaning Areas
• Conventional Space for Straw and Hay
• May Decrease Insurance Premiums
• Increased Farm & Yard Efficiency
• Car, RV, & ATV Protection from Rain, Tornadoes or Hurricanes
• Safety & Security for Processed Goods Waiting for Sale
• Ability to Stock Pile Food, Water and Energy Resources

Texas is one of the most economically diverse states in The Union, which creates combined and unique needs for Texas American Steel Buildings to provide protection, security and safety for all of the goods, techniques and hard work that make her such a productive and bountiful state. See our Metal Building promotions for Texas

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