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Idaho is stereotypically known for its potato production, and rightfully so, as it produces one third of the potatoes that are grown in the United States. In addition to it being the forty third state added to The Union, Idaho also has a surprising claim to fame that gives it the nickname “The Gem State”: Virtually every gemstone known to man has been found in Idaho, while it shares the title with the Himalayan Mountains as the only two places in the world where “Star Garnets” can be found.

Located in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States, Idaho has claimed national statehood since 1890. The state’s physical area is larger than the entire New England region of the United States, giving it an expansive landlocked presence in the northwestern portion of the country. With hot summer days, and cool corresponding nights, the seasonal weather makes for a picture perfect scene for several months out of the year. The winters are cold, but not bitter, which makes a great escape for snow sport enthusiasts in the pristine mountains and Sun Valley ski resort. This fluctuation in weather patterns allows for functional additions such as Idaho carports to keep cars, trucks and recreational vehicles from becoming too hot, or incredibly snow covered, throughout the year, depending on the season.

In addition, skiers, snowboarders and snow mobile riders can take solace and physical coverage in Idaho steel buildings, parking their important winter toy collection in a safe place during the offseason. When summer abounds, and temperatures are hot, boaters, fishermen and lake-lovers of all kinds can remove their exciting summer accessories from their Idaho metal buildings and take to the beautiful watering holes around the massive state while enjoying the beautiful blue hues of the natural lakes and waterways.

When Idahoans are not playing hard on the weekends and during vacations they are working just as hard, not only in agricultural capacities, but also in food processing, the lumber, wood and paper industries, mining, electronics and chemical enterprises. Tourism also provides a boost to the economy, thanks to the incomparable beauty of the mountains, lakes, streams and varying whether conditions to please any variety of travelers throughout the year. When the seasons turn, American Steel buildings help the local contingency pack away their prized possessions with a protective vigilance. Idaho Steel buildings can protect just about anything, in any weather, including:

• Cars, Trucks & Recreational Vehicles
• Snow Mobiles & Ski Equipment
• Boats & Fishing Accessories
• Mechanical Equipment
• Mining Finds and Articles
• Agricultural Equipment, Fertilizer & Dry Goods
• Providing Dedicated Research & Redevelopment Facilities
• Storing Goods to Sell at Market
• Preservation of Lumber & Wood
• Providing Protection from Theft, Damage or Excessive Maintenance
• Safely Store Food, Water and Supplies

Whether you are mining in a small town, or growing potatoes on a vast farm, Idaho Steel Buildings can protect your collateral investments without worry from the weather, animals, vandalism or theft, while providing a designated area to store your equipment and harvest without disturbing the integrity of your home. Should you require coverage for a smaller farm vehicle that requires easy access, Idaho carports do the trick without dissolving your budget to insure your peace of mind. Farming and yard accessories can be stored easily in custom Idaho metal buildings of your choice, or for the do it yourself devotees, pole barn kits are available in a menagerie of sizes to fit all of your storage needs, from the house to the farm to the manufacturing or mining region. Simply develop a budget and the amount of space you would like to erect a structure on, and there is an Idaho Steel building perfect for you! See our Metal Building promotions for Idaho

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