Metal Carports for Sale

Metal Carports for Sale

Our metal carports come in all different shapes and sizes from single wide carports all the way up to 100 feet wide clear span, and as long as you need. Our carports protect your investments from the worst of conditions, no more scraping snow of your windshield in the winter and no more getting in a sun baked car in the summer. Our carports can easily be one of your best investments. Call us today so we can get started on your new Coast To Coast Carport quote.



Metal Carports Vs Canvas & Aluminum

Metal carports have a much longer life compared to the canvas ones made from polyester or polyethylene. These materials often can be worn & destroyed by the elements. They may cost less initially but over the life of a vehicle, they are much more likely to be replaced than one made from steel. One of the biggest issues with aluminum carports is the lightweight nature of them is sometimes susceptible to damage. Hail often will create "dings" in the surface of the covering. Also, it has been noted that birds frequently choose to build nests in the w-pan aluminum style. One of the great things about a steel carport is that they are so strong. Steel is denser/harder & can withhold more strain and fatigue than aluminum. Our metal carports (galvanized steel) are certified for snow loads up to 60 lbs per sq. ft. That's pretty strong! They are also very rust resistant. An a-frame roof will also help moisture not accumulate and typically force drainage away from the doors.

The Rise Of The Car Port

The word "carport" originates from the same idea of a "ship port". Basically a home port for your car. ship at port It is commonly believed that the term became widely accepted sometime between the 1930s to 1950s. During this time period, vehicles tended to be less waterproof than they are today, so the need to cover a vehicle from the elements was even more prevalent than it is today. Yet, even as far as we have come in modern day vehicles, the need still exists. The sun is a major driving force in the degradation of pigments in paint causing them to become lighter in vibrance and have a dull, faded look. The sun and other elements breaking down the clear coat on a vehicle only speeds up the degradation of the actual paint color itself.
In the early days of the car, they were often stored in a barn, but the convenience of a dedicated metal carport has become very popular over the years. Many houses are built without an attached garage and often even without a detached garage. Carports can be used in either situation not only as a car port, but also to store atvs, motorcycles, tools, general storage and even RVs. As the material wealth has grown in the country, so has the need grown for the storage of that wealth. Vehicles are generally much more watertight these days than they were in the 30s, but the value retained from a well protected vehicle is usually far greater than one left to bear the elements.

A metal car canopy will hold up and endure the elements much longer than canvas ones. They also look much nicer and permanant that they typical tent style counterpart. A metal car canopy (stell carport) is an investment that will last for years to come. Stay out of the weather with a metal single car metal carport over your favorite parking spot. Your single steel carport will be large enough to park any standard sized vehicle. These carports start at 12 feet wide by 21 feet long, but can be custom fitted for smaller or longer driveways. These are our most affordable buildings, so contact our sales department about the metal single carport for sale that interests you.

Our two car steel carports are by far our most popular metal buildings. The convenience of being able to keep your two most valued vehicles shaded from the sun and out of damaging weather is the reason for the success of these metal shelters. Starting at 18 feet wide, two cars will fit side by side with room to spare, and extending up to 24 feet wide to accommodate larger vehicles. This affordable option to protect your rides will be a decision you will not regret. Contact our sales department about the metal two car carport for sale that interests you.

A triple wide steel carport is the king of metal carports. With 26 to 30 feet of steel engineering protecting your boat, bike, and SUV, you will rest easy during heavy weather and snow storms. Our designs allows us to build wider buildings without losing structural integrity. Not only are these large buildings practical, but they're impressive as well. One of these triple wide carports says, "I care about and protect my investments." Contact our sales department about the metal building for sale that interests you.

If you are still parking your RV out in the open or under a tree, isn't it time to consider investing in your investment? RV Carports really are an investment. It's also peace of mind. After you have spent a considerable amount of money and devoted all the hard work saving that money to make a purchase as significant as an RV, do you really want to leave in to all the harsh elements. Sun, wind, rain and snow all have a way bringing the age out in vehicles. Automotive paint colors all vary in the amount of time it takes to break down in sun exposure. The last thing you want to look at on your now beautiful investment is a peeling paint job.

An RV is a huge investment. Make sure it will last as long as you own it by covering it with a steel RV cover during the off seasons. With both ends open, driving in and out will be easier than getting gas. No matter the size of your vacation on wheels, we can build a metal carport to cover it. Contact our sales department about the metal building for sale that interests you. We also have financing options available.

Portable Carports

If you have been looking for custom carports, portable ones in particular, than you may have noticed that many carport makers don't manufactor any type of custom or portable metal carport. If you have a design in mind for portable carports or any other custom style, we can likely put that idea into reality. See some examples of our custom made work below. Also check out some of the smaller styles we already have designed. Some of these, with the right equipment, are already reasonably portable carports. If you are in need of a smaller portable building, but not nececarily to cover a car than you will want to look at some of our storage sheds.

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Custom Carports

Do you have a special design in mind for your metal carport? If you can imagine it, we will try make it. Our galvanized steel can be shaped at our discretion, giving you limitless possible carport designs. We have steel, customized, custom carports and car sheds for sale year round, so as soon as you finish your design give us a call.

Some states and cities require building certification. Coast to Coast supplies certified metal carports to better serve everyone everywhere. A certified carport has extra corner braces, snow braces, anchoring, and sometimes stronger steel or more legs/bows, allowing for certification for up to 90lbs per sq ft of snow and 90 mph winds. These building are stronger and last longer than the less expensive non-certified buildings. Both, certified and non-certified buildings are offered in all areas, so it is the customer's responsibility to determine if they need a certified building or not. We always recommend certified buildings over non-certified. Contact our sales team about the certified steel carport that interests you.

Coast to Coast has a great selection of car shelters. Keep in mind that we can also custom make products according to your needs and specifications. Don't let the elements get the better of your vehicle. Get it covered! It's not only protection from the elements, but its peace of mind. Whether you are looking for an open car shelter or an enclosed style car shed, we have options.

See some of the selections below for examples of our work.


Coast to Coast Carports, Inc. is the industry's leading provider of metal carport kits. We can accommodate carport kits for any industry because there are few limitations on what we are capable of when it comes to metal buildings. You can get a discount if you pick up your own carport kit. Do it yourself if you have a trailer to haul it. Whether it's custom or one of our stock designs, the choice is yours. See some of the steel buildings that have been assembled from our metal carport kits below.

The Benefits Of Car Ports, Steel Buildings And Metal Buildings Are Innumerable!

No matter where you live geographically, car ports and metal buildings can provide an upgrade to your home or business by protecting your assets from inclement weather, theft, damage or vandalism. Steel buildings are a low maintenance storage alternative to wooden barns, or expensive additions, and can be erected in custom sizes, or from kits of pre-determined sizes.

The advantages of the steel buildings that are provided by Coast 2 Coast are numerous, including the fact that they (beyond manufactoring their own) also specialize in the sale of TNT brand car ports, which are incomparable in their construction and reliability when stacked against their competition. The additional advantages of car ports, steel buildings and metal buildings are innumerable, and deliver the benefits of partial or complete coverage anywhere you need it.

The Benefits of Car Ports

Whether you have an existing garage, and are considering car ports to protect a second car, or farm and manufacturing equipment, Coast 2 Coast has a number of sizes of TNT brand car ports that will fit any land constraints, while tidying up your yard almost immediately upon assembly. The coverage insures no more scraping windows in colder regions and no more scorching hot seats in the hotter ones. In addition, inclement weather such as hail and high winds are no match for TNT brand car ports, so your investment in the structure will literally protect your other investments whether it is a car, truck, tractor or recreational vehicle.

The Benefits of Metal Buildings & Steel Buildings

Creating an addition for your home, whether it is to store a boat, animal feed, dry goods, hay, or even to provide additional space for entertaining, can be a cumbersome and expensive task, which is why steel buildings are becoming increasingly popular.

Metal buildings come in all shapes and sizes, and can be erected quickly and efficiently, providing you and your family with a trusted storage alternative that is impenetrable to wildlife, vagrants and ne’er do wells who have anything but good intentions while on your property.

Storage opportunities are only the beginning, as boats, hunting, fishing, camping and hiking gear can be stored within the metal buildings with ease, allowing plenty of room to spare for fish and game cleaning opportunities. In addition, agricultural and manufacturing tools and equipment can make themselves at home, safely and reliably, within the same confines.

Imagine storing all of your lawn furniture, kid’s toys, gardening tools and accessories in one place, leaving your property clutter free, while enjoying the additional space for entertaining guest for cookouts and barbeques all year around.

Metal buildings provide a cost-effective addition to any home, farm, business or manufacturing facility, and can be constructed quickly and efficiently, insuring the least amount of downtime imaginable from start to finish. You can start using your low-maintenance steel buildings as soon as they are erected, so what are you waiting for? Call Coast 2 Coast today to determine which options of steel buildings or car ports are right for you!

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